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Home Watch Services


I Watch Your Property offers both Interior and Exterior Home Inspections at reasonable rates and superior customer satisfaction. Our full service home inspection is completed upon each visit to your property. A detailed weekly report will be sent to you within 24 hours including photos of any items which may be cause for concern. You will be contacted immediately in case of unforeseen circumstances or an emergency. We will notify you and coordinate with law enforcement or your service providers if necessary, secure estimates, and oversee any maintenance or repairs.


Home Watch Pricing


I Watch Your Property provides a complete scope of competitive value packages for your property. Our menu of services include our full service, specialty, and ala carte services; all at affordable rates. Homeowners can choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly monitoring visits. We can design a comprehensive service package to meet your unique needs and designed especially for you. If there is something you need and it’s not listed, please let us know how we can help to make a customized plan for you!


Interior Home Watch Services


  • Check all circuit breakers to ensure none are tripped
  • Inspect water heater and A/C drip pan for moisture or leaks
  • Inspect interior for visual signs of pest intrusion
  • Inspect interior ceilings, walls and floors for obvious water damage and mold
  • Check smoke detectors for any alerts
  • Run water in all faucets, shower heads, and tub spigots
  • Check dishwasher and washing machine
  • Flush all toilets to ensure they shut off when filled, and no leaks
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Visual inspection of all cabinets for leaks or pest intrusion
  • Maintain interior temperatures to ensure systems are in order
  • Check temperature of refrigerator and freezer
  • Check that doors & windows are closed and secure
  • Reset alarm system upon exit


Exterior Home Watch Services


  • Visual roof inspection (missing shingles, tiles, mold, or mildew)
  • Check for any exterior signs of trespassing, intrusion, vandalism, or weather damage
  • Inspect screens, windows, window coverings for signs of damage
  • Visual inspection of property for leaks, breaks, etc.
  • Visual inspection of your dock, lift, boat or watercraft
  • Check for mail and packages
  • Collect newspapers, phone books, flyers, or any solicitation
  • Clear debris from front entry area
  • Verify landscaping, pool/spa, or other vendors to ensure maintenance has been performed
  • Monitor pool/spa water levels and filters for leaks
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure
  • Open and close garage doors
  • Inspect garage for visible water damage, leaks, mildew, odors or pest intrusion


 If it is your desire to shut off the water, we will turn it on once per month and perform checks listed above.



Specialty Home Watch Services


Hurricane and Storm Preparation


  • Installation and removal of storm shutters or other protective covers
  • Secure or store outdoor furniture and furnishings
  • Report, assess and photo document any damage or concerns



Home Security Response- 24/7 Service


  • We serve as your local contact to check the interior/exterior of your property on alarm activation calls
  • I watch your property is committed to taking every measure to protect your home and property, but more importantly, work to prevent you from becoming victims of crime



Realty Services


  • Managing and coordinating all access to the property including your day to day needs to facilitate a market ready home or property
  • Work with your realtor to provide any service to facilitate the sale or rental of your property
  • Oversee repairs, clean-ups and maintenance
  • Prepare property for open houses



Vacationer Services


  • Water Plants
  • Collect mail or packages
  • Meet service or repair men
  • Any household requests
  • Curb or store trash bins


Ala Carte Home Watch Services


  • Handyman Services
  • Ready the residence for your arrival or departure needs
  • Close or open the house for season
  • Grocery shopping
  • Monitor home improvement projects
  • Accept or care for any deliveries
  • Forward mail
  • Address homeowner association violations
  • Airport pickup/delivery
  • Run errands
  • Change out A/C return filters
  • Ready boat for use upon your arrival
  • Fill pool
  • Wait for service or repair personal (cable, phone, appliance repair, etc.)
  • Supervise all contractors or home improvement projects
  • Auto, Boat, PWC or Golf Cart Service (Turn over engine, test drive, oil change, car wash, and maintenance appointments, etc.)
  • Power Washing (house, driveway, lanai, etc.)
  • Window Cleaning
  • Ozone Generation (freshens your home and rids any odors from being closed for extended periods of time

Our home watch service offers homeowners a wide range of services that provide weekly reports
and video inspections of any unforeseen circumstances.


Best Of All You'll See What We See - Both Inside And Outside Of Your Home!

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