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David N.James D.Frank C.DottiRobert S.Joyce & DaveSnowbird homeowner since 2010:"i Watch Your Property" saved my home from mold intrusion! My AC drip pan was over flowing which shut off my air conditioning. They contacted my service company, and they replaced the coil in the air handler. Every week they're there, and I get their reports that day, along with a video of anything that’s out of the ordinary!I come to Punta Gorda for a week each month since 2012, and while I'm away, I have the peace of mind someone is watching over my home. They fixed two toilet problems and oversaw and repaired a bathroom ceiling leak that they discovered! They're great and I sincerely recommend them.Full time resident since 2006. We go on a lot of extended vacations. They check our house and and even cared for our Parrot. Over the last two years, they found a dis- functioning alarm system and got it fixed, and discovered the pool filter housing was leaking. Contacted me, and it was fixed immediately!9/19/2016 Dear Buzz and Kathy,Just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing caring for my Florida property when I am not there.During this past year, which has been very difficult for my family, it has given me great peace of mind to know someone who cared was taking care of everything for me.Once again, thanks for everything you do.  See you soon.Warm regards, DottiI highly recommend this service. In my case, it paid for itself immediately. I had a thermostat issue that Buzz and Kathy identified which could have been a major problem if not taken care of quickly. After each visit, I receive a quick review of the inspection. This is the best "peace of mind" insurance you can buy. Robert S. from PGIWe used two other home watch companies before "I Watch" and for one reason or anther they did not work out.  They (IWatch) were very competent and proactive acting as if our property was theirs. Joyce and Dave W from Punta Gorda

Our home watch service offers homeowners a wide range of services that provide weekly reports
and video inspections of any unforeseen circumstances.


Best Of All You'll See What We See - Both Inside And Outside Of Your Home!

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I Watch Your Property, LLC  provides home watch services in Charlotte County Florida including Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda Isles, Burnt Store Isles, Deep Creek, Port Charlotte, Murdock, El Jobean, Englewood, North Port and surrounding areas.